Spooky Action at a Distance

Goodstein and Zahradnicek Galleries, Casper College 2018


Quantum entanglement is a theory of quantum mechanics wherein the properties of two individual particles or systems cannot be expressed independently. Knowing the state of one we can infer the state of the other. Interestingly, the choice of measurement of one particle appears to affect the properties of the other even across vast distances. This would seem to require transmission of information faster than the speed of light. Missouri based artist Meghan Rowswell and Wyoming based artist Maria Rose Wimmer visually interpret this phenomenon which was first described by Einstein as “Spooky Action Theory”. 

Meghan Rowswell investigates the physical properties of the particles as well as some of the practical applications of quantum entanglement. Drawing on a background in fiber art, she gives tactile three dimensional representation to concepts that are very small or abstract through installations using textiles. Highlighting whimsy and science fiction, her works combine and contrast natural form with digital logic.  

Maria Rose Wimmer focuses her attention on the duality of two separate, yet identical, entities being instantaneously enmeshed. Using the human body as a means to explore quantum entanglement Maria allows the viewer a simplified understanding of the topic, and invites the audience to imagine fantastical applications of this science. Pairing the concept with images of vintage circus performers and contortionists Maria urges the onlooker to imagine the bodies as particles performing as they have been guided; different, but the same.

Much like the particles that they are visualizing, Maria and Meghan receive inspiration and communicate across large distances. Each artist chose to use imagery and materials which are identifiable and accessible to interpret and examine the many aspects of quantum entanglement. Focusing on connectivity, both artists include actual and implied line within their art. This line expands to connect the artists and their audience across space and time. While working separately, the artists find that their work is bound through mutual exploration of the topic.