WIP Wednesday

Since I know I wont be able to post for Thursday I'm posting for Work in Progress Wednesday.

My first weaving on a loom! All out of mystery fibers from my stash.

I'm having a little difficulty with the edges of the weaving but I've yet to consult the Youtubes for help. I am also starting to think that my reed slats are too wide for the thread I'm using. There was another reed with smaller spacing but I found out too late how to change them out.

Adventures to come!

Reading: Missouri off the Beaten Path: a Guide to Unique Places by Patty DeLano. Next stop Leila's Hair Museum!

Listening to: Mucho discussion over gays now being able to marry. Congrats folks!

Cooking: Canning experiments from my Farmer's Journal Canning and Freezing cook book: Ginger Peach Butter, Thai Curry Green Beans, and Sweet Pickles for my toddler. I also ground up most of my basil plant for pesto. I have a feeling it would succumb to mildew soon. So. Much. Rain.