Pretty Little Basket

Today was a little mini shopping spree in Warrensburg for studio supplies. First to Walmart for fluff to stuff my current sculpture (more photos to come), then to Those Were The Days for some leather pieces to fix my spinning wheel (a blog post in the making). While I was rummaging around for the leather to fix all the odds and ends on my wheel I happened upon this cute little basket for $1. I love a good basket. Since starting ikebana all I really want to collect now are baskets and vases for arrangements. After some successful thrifting it was off to Awesome Blossoms for new arrangement flowers.

This is where my knowledge of plant names starts to fail me. We the long green leafy plant midori something. Basically it just means green. But it has been in my mind since I went rummaging through their cooler a few weeks ago. They were busy with customers so I browsed a little bit and saw an arrangement in their case that I just fell in love with. It was a red parrot tulip and heather. A small simple arrangement but who wouldn't want to work with parrot tulips. Luckily when rummaging though the cooler I saw that they had three of them. I only picked the one because he had the most beautiful leaves. It was like he wanted to come home with me for this arrangement. Part of me thinks I should have bought the other two so that he had some "friends". Once you get it all home and start putting it together you want to do things over again.

I'm sorry for these photos. The flowers are so hard to photograph. I'm learning I swear! It's much lovelier in person because the slanting branch is in your peripherals and really draws you into the arrangement.

What I've learned with this one is that when arranging in this basket I should probably pick something with larger green leaves, like a hosta, to really fill the basket up so you aren't seeing the vase. The handle of the basket was kind of tripping me up with how to arrange the tulip. That's probably where a couple more tulips would have come in handy.

I do however like the light green of the tulip leaves with the dark green of the midori and the yellow flower helps transition between the two. Hopefully as we move into spring I'll get to play around with parrot tulips more!