Fall Ikebana Classes

I've got some ikebana classes scheduled with Powell Gardens this September. I'm very excited to finally be teaching Japanese flower arranging in the states. It's so fun to share the things you love with other people. I'm also going to be offering classes in November and December for those that can't make it in September so keep your eyes peeled.

Here are a couple of links to register for the September classes:



In other news I finished up the lace socks that I took with me on our epic road trip to Buffalo.

Pattern: Vilai by Cookie A Yarn: Cascade Yarns Heritage Sock Colorway: 5629

This has been the most challenging lace pattern I've ever knit. Of course, by the second sock you've almost got it down cold. There are a bunch of lovely little mess up but when asked about them I will say that mistakes keep the devil away. (This idea comes from gee bend quilting?) I always like a reason not to got back and frog every few lines.

I love the color and the feel of this yarn but my one criticism is that it splits too easily and I'm not a fan of trying to fix it frequently. My other little peeve was the pattern for the toes. They just seem a little too boxy and they don't fit my feet too well. But these socks aren't for me so hopefully S won't mind too much.

Now back to sculpting:

Reading: Fun little brochure sent by Powell Gardens on how to teach adults. I'm glad I've been putting most of the info to practice already. Anything to make one a better teacher.

Listening to: My toddler is finally saying the word "Yes" at the tender age of three. It's all come about because of her continual mutilation of the lyrics to Baa Baa Black Sheep. The thrill of hearing yes is still there though.

Cooking: Fried Lebanon bologna sandwiches with gorgonzola. You thought a normal fried bologna sandwich was good, wait till you've tried the fancy version.