Common Cold

I'm sick as a dog today so I'm going to keep this short and sweet. Not much as been happening around here except for incremental progress on all of our projects.


I finally stopped procrastinating and started on the last design element of my koginzashi table runner. I'm giving a program in May to the Great Kansas City Fiber Guild in May and I should probably have one completed project. Part of me is worried that I chose a pattern that's too static but I like how it has diamonds just like the border and flowers. There's always time to rip it out later.


Some good news is that I finally found some sashiko fabric that I can use to finish my origami/sashiko wall hanging series. It's a wee bit expensive and will have to be shipped from Japan but it is so beautiful! I'm going to write a grant for the Surface Design Association to see if they will give me the money to get an entire bolt.

Reading: The Heart Goes Last by Margaret Atwood. I can't put this book down.

Listening to: The tv show Transparent while I stitch or spin. It's simultaneously enthralling and disturbing how narcissistic these people are.

Cooking: Minion Mac and Cheese. It's my comfort food. Since I'm the only one it the house that eats it I finished off the box.