Applications. There are so many of them due right now. I'm going to be swimming in paperwork and editing photos for the next month. If only I could write some amazing blanket paragraph that would satisfy all of them, but alas they all want something different. I'm also embarrassingly bad about writing about myself and my work. It feels like pulling teeth. You would think that being a visual artist means you don't have express yourself in words.

Ok, enough complaining about work and time for some pretty pictures. We've recently been out to Powell Gardens to see their new life size dino sculptures. I've collected some nice inspiration photos that show case the master gardener's use of colors and textures in their plant beds. I've also added some photos of the fair rides from this weekend. I love the colors and the similarities between plants and machinery. 

The Knob Noster fair was really fun but super hot this year. A couple of our geocaching boxes and stamps got stolen but what can you do. With a little more advertising and a little better signage we could probably have something pretty cool. Maybe we'll be able to incorporate geocaching with the theme next year.

 I won a first place ribbon for my ikebana arrangement and one for my hoya. This means so much to me because I brought my grandmother's hoya stand home from New York and I bought a pot of plant cuttings that included a hoya at the plant show last year. Shortly after I started taking care of it all these grey spots started appearing on the leaves. My grandmother's hoya had solid leaves so I thought mine was diseased and almost didn't take it to the fair. But I gained confidence when I saw varieties of grey spotted hoyas of Pinterest. The plant is growing like a weed so it can't be too sick can it?

We had an active duty painting day today. We got so much work done! It's lovely when people are volun-told to come out and help us. It's all coming together. I've really had my doubts about there being too much going on and the colors but we are making it happen. Ian and I have agreed to limit our mural designing to maybe a 5' by 5' space.

So many helpers!

The Cochrane scowl as I try and figure out what color goes where.

Look at all the progress! Maybe we'll have it done by the end of June!

Cool Stuff Happening:

Saturday, June 18th is World Wide Knit in Public Day! I decided to take the bull by the horns and create an event on the court house lawn right next to the Warrensburg Farmer's Market. It'll be from 9-12pm. Bring your projects, water, food, sunscreen and chairs/blankets.  Come and go as you please. We'll be sitting in the shade and sweating for the sake of yarn. If you want to start knitting or just need some help come by and talk to me.

Farm Report: Baby cucumbers! Baby tomatoes! Baby peppers! It's been so hot here in Missouri that I can barely keep my tomatoes watered. I think I'm going to switch them to the front porch so they aren't getting so much afternoon sun. Cacti are going outside!

Reading: The Inevitable: Understanding the 12 Technological Forces that will Shape our Future by Kevin Kelly. I would like to learn how not to be scared of our future with technology. Maybe get better at using technology. Maybe use it in my art. Who knows.

Listening to: The horns they put on the motorcycle know the one...and the children that repeatedly press the buttons.

Cooking: My husband and I were going to compete against each other in the pie contest at the fair but didn't get our pies to the stage for judging on time. Now I have pie for breakfast and desert! He made a buttermilk pie and I made a rhubarb meringue. It's hard to tell which one I like best.

Finishing and Starting

This is the week of finishing things! Yeah! I always feel so accomplished when I actually finish something, especially when the project has taken forever.

This week I finished my koginzashi table runner that I've been working on for, oh maybe, two years. It's done! Just in time for my presentation on koginzashi for the Kansas City Fiber Guild. A better more professional picture to come. I promise. Time to dream up another koginzashi project....


I also finished my Oma's socks! She only wanted them for Christmas but instead she'll get them for her birthday.


In other fun news, we started painting on the MUNS mural last night. The whole family is in on the action. That's me standing, bare foot on an ammo can, to paint the seal, finicky part. My right shoulder is really going to be buff by the time this is done. After half an hour of painting I finally realized just how big this mural is. Slow and steady wins the race.

Upcoming Cool Stuff:

The Sogetsu school of Japanese flower arranging in Kansas City is having their annual spring show at the Loose Park Garden Center April 23rd and 24th. They have asked me to come make an arrangement! My arrangement will be down stairs with the tea ceremony display provided by the Japan America Society. Come out and see all the great floral art!

I'm going to be in the Mid Missouri Artists Spring Show on Saturday April 30 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM and May 1st, 12:30 PM - 4:00 PM at the ABC Building at Grover Park in Warrensburg. This is the first time I've attended the show so I'm excited to see all the local art.

I'm giving a presentation on Kogenzashi, a traditional Japanese counted embroidery, to the Greater Kansas City Fiber Guild on May 11th at 7pm. Check out their website for more details.

My next ikebana class at Powell Gardens will be on Saturday, May 14th from 10-12pm. Check out their website to register!

Farm Report: Things are sprouting, I found some more pots so I might get all the seedlings that I started planted. There are white marks on the leaves of my sugar snap peas. What does that mean? They seem to be growing just fine.

Reading: The Year of the Runaways by Sunjeen Sahota. I'm learning so much about Indian culture and clothing that I practically have to read with google at my finger tips to look up the meaning of worlds.

Listening to: Birds! I had maintenance come remove the starlings that were living in out dryer duct and we put out a little feeder in the ugly bush. Now I've got birds all the time. This makes me happy. I saw a downy woodpecker!

Cooking: My husband turned thirty this week. He doesn't really do cake but loves oreos so I got the great idea to create a "cake" out of a stack of oreos. Then I forgot to go to the grocery store for some number candles because we were playing an epic game of Firefly with both the Blue Sun and Kalidasa expansions. We ended up using a gardenia candle and stacking the oreos around it. Smelled great. Happy Birthday Adventure Buddy!



We are half way through our sojourn to Wyoming and I've made an excursion to my friendly local thread store, Ewe Count, in Cheyenne. I love love love Penny and her collections of all things stitching and knitting. I concentrated on bright saturated colors and even decided to try out what Penny calls Barbie panty hose. Quite tropical actually. I also got to snoop around the newest yarn store in Cheyenne, Meadowlark Yarns. Where I got a much needed drop spindle. I'm really digging their yarn collection (roving!) and clean chic atmosphere.  

The haul 

The haul 

Finished my Sashiko project for Kei. A little polish and it'll be in the mail soon!  

Japanese Horned Beetle

Japanese Horned Beetle

Moving forward on my koginzashi table runner. I'm giving a program at the Greater Kansas Fiber Guild in May so I should have one finished piece right? 


Reading: Sock Knitting Master Class by Ann Bud. A Chrismas present from my SIL, another knitting enthusiast.  

Listening to: The grinding of a small motor in my daughters Loopin Chewie game. Her new favorite past time. 

Eating: Lumpia from the Philipino restaurant on F. E. Warren. So delicious! 

Happy New Years!  

White Christmas

Nothing is better than getting up before everyone, loyal hund at your side, sitting next to the Christmas tree with the morning cup of coffee and stitching.  Wyoming has welcomed us back with howling winds and more snow then we'll see all winter in Missouri. A state that makes you fear for your life so that you know you are truly living.      

Japanese Horned Beetle

Japanese Horned Beetle

I'm finishing up my origami inspired sashiko embroidery. It's an exchange for a box of lovely bento supplies and treats from our friends in Japan. I'm so sorry it's late! I had to rip out almost half of it but my fingers are flying!  


Reading: Desperately squinting at street signs in the dark and snow. 

Listening to: Star Wars theme song! Love, love, love, sitting in a dark theater with my hubby twitching from all the explosions and guns. No spoilers I promise!  

Cooking: The old holiday classics, apple salad, pork and sauerkraut with a fabulous apple cider bourbon cocktail. 



May your holidays be warm and restful!  

Much Whelm

Art has been suspended a little bit in order to get ready for my month long residency at the Art Farm. Coupled with some drama involving day care for my daughter I'm completely over whelmed. The anxiety is mounting. Stay tuned to my blog for residency photos and updates!

As you can see the studio is completely torn apart as I'm packing up materials. You've got to have a lot of materials to choose from and be inspired by right? Hopefully the car is big enough.

Pattern: Sam by Cookie A Yarn: Cascade Heritage Sock

Managed to get the first sock of a new pair done. Knitting and watching Downton Abby has been helping me stay relaxed. There's just so much prep that will have to wait for the day before I leave and there are only so many lists one can make.

In newsy news, I'm going to be at the Old Drum Coffee House and Bakery Saturday from 10-1pm during Burg Fest. I'mspinning unfortunately because I haven't had the time to figure out my wheel. I'm probably going to be couching gold wire on some leaves that I'm making. So come down, see some of my art and have a good time.

On Sunday I'm going to be teaching ikebana to my first two students! I'm so excited! I can't wait to see what flowers they are going to be working with. I'm a little bit at the mercy of the florist. But there are usually roses or Gerber daisies.

Back to the packing

Reading: The latest issue of the Surface Design magazine. It's the fashion issue!

Listening to: New stuff by Modest Mouse. The guys at my husband's work have been a tiny bit obsessed with Modest Mouse right now. We've been watching their music videos on Youtube.

Cooking: Manicotti. This is like the perfect dish to have toddlers help prepare. Too bad mine wont eat it. She'll help cook but just wont eat. Bea calls herself Cooker Girl.

Knit Along

My sister in law challenged me to a knit a long in my birthday package so I'm challenging you guys. We are knitting Skew from Ravelry. This is not my usual knit because I'm used to all the fancy pattern reading and it's toe up. There's a little bit of nail biting on this one because I'm knitting them for someone that's not here and not my shoe size. It's knitting along fast but I have a feeling I haven't gotten to the crazy part yet. So cast on now and show me how it's done.

Yarn: Lion Brand Sock Ease Color: Taffy

Which means that this sock is on the back burner. Everything seems to be in order but I still don't like the puckeing when it's not being worn.

"Sam" by Cookie A Yarn: Cascade Heritage Sock

"Sam" by Cookie A Yarn: Cascade Heritage Sock

Interesting things progressing with the Jewel project.

Paverpol experiments:

Class News:

Registration for my Ikebana class at Powell Gardens on September 19th from 10-12pm is closing on Tuesday the 9th at midnight. I'm also teaching ikebana on September 27th from 2-4pm. Sign up today!

Reading: Among the Ten Thousand Things by Julia Pierpont - I'm a sucker for books about artists

Listening to: Lots of 99% Invisible podcasts

Eating: Chocolate chip cookies. Don't underestimate the awesome that is the recipe on the back of the Hershey's Special Dark chocolate chip bag.