It took me longer to get this post written then I planned, August has been a very packed month for me. Thank you so much to everybody that came out to see me at the fair and support the huge undertaking that is a fabric installation. It was a great success and I really enjoyed my many hours of talking to people about it. Hopefully more people will take up art making and enter their works at the fair!

convergence installation

I'd love to give a shout out to Stephannie Maskowski who helped me sew this massive project. Without her tireless dedication I'm not sure I would have been motivated to put in a few hours everyday kneeling before my cutting mat in the hallway pinning fabric. Luckily, I bumped into my art buddy Steven Gorman at the reception and talked him into helping me install those first two days. Without his excellent sense of space and spitballin' style who knows what this installation would have looked like. And lets not forget the gallery watchers that were always ready to hold the fabric or hand me my needle when it fell off the ladder. And a special thanks goes out to Alan Weaver who said yes to my crazy ideas. Thank you all so much. It takes a village to make artistic ideas happen.

Convergence.3 _web.jpg

And if you haven't heard my "spiel", which almost became a mantra after repeating it hundreds of times a day for my five day residency, keep reading. Convergence is made of 100% recycled materials. The fabric come from the linings of skirts, shirts and dresses and was donated by Lauri Davidson of the Kansas City Fiber Guild. Stephannie and I serged the fabric for this installation over four months using a crazy quilt type approach because every scrap mattered. It consists of four panels that at 3' x 46' long. And it took a total of three days and a whole roll of fishing line to install.

Convergence Detail.1_web.jpg
Convergence Detail.2_web.jpg

If you know of an institution or individual that would like to host this installation in the future please give me an email at