Presentation time

A month ago I started my last round of Artist Inc classes and now the course is almost over! Artist Inc Advanced is about taking an art project from start to finish and teaching you how to make it happen. My presentation is an interactive installation created from textiles and discarded materials that utilizes motion sensors and LED lights to simulate the ecosystems of Earth. Created from the viewpoint of an archaeologist of the future, this work examines concepts of nature and wilderness from items commonly found in landfills. I'm super excited about this new body of work and would love for you to come learn more about what I've been doing in Artist Inc and what my class mates are working on. 

We invite you to a very special evening with the 2017 Artist INC Advance class - 18 talented and driven KC visual and performing artists who have spent the past 9 weeks developing art projects they are now ready to share with the community. 

On Monday, May 8, they will present their final projects and we will ask you to VOTE for the project you consider the most deserving of a $1,000 grant. 

This special event will include dynamic presentations, delicious food and drink provided by Howard's, and the opportunity to spend time with each of the artists and learn even more about their projects. 

From a funky DIY micro-cinema in downtown KC, to an artist residency for women in Tanzania, Artist INC Advance projects span disciplines and reflect the diversity of vision and ambition in the local creative community. 

Monday, May 8 at 6:30 PM, Doors open at 6PM
ArtsKC 106 Southwest Boulevard KCMO 64108

Come vote for me!