A Mighty Wind

This week we experienced this micro-storm which completely knocked over all my potted tomato plants. There were branches snapped off and fruit down everywhere. I think part of it is my fault for the way I crowded the plants in the pots and they grew off balance. Maybe I'll begin to invest in clay pots when things go on sale after the season is over. 


This week I experimented with refrigerator pickles, another recipe from Preserving Everything by Leda Meredith. I'm estimating we are picking roughly two lbs of cucumbers off our vines each week. My cucumbers are definitely the happiest part of our garden by far. Let's not talk about the tomatoes.


This week in food: quiche! This is another great garden recipe. I used up the little veggies from snapped branches. We've got jalapeños, Pablano peppers, green tomatoes, sun-dried tomatoes, onion and kielbasa in there. I tried something a little different and added blue cheese which gave the quiche a saltiness and depth of flavor. It's especially good as cold leftovers.

The base for a great quiche is 7 eggs, 1 1/2 cups of milk, and two cups of shredded cheese. I usually wait for eggs to go on sale at the grocery store and then snatch up a bunch of half priced cartons. The more fat you have in your milk the better the texture the quiche will turn out. If you want to be authentic use a Gruyere for the cheese but I use whatever I have lying around. Usually the cheddar special but sometimes a mozzarella. A cheese that melts readily will give your quiche a better consistency.

Saute up the veggies and let them cool. You want them to be limp and your onion caramelized. Whisk up milk, egg, and cheese, add the veggies and then pour into the pie crust. Pop in a 400 degree oven for around 50 minutes. You want the center to just barely be firm. Don't over cook is the secret to a good egg or egg dish.

Reading: 101 Quantum Questions by Kenneth W. Ford. I'm researching ideas for new art stuff.

Listening to: Pokemon Go music - I'm hopelessly lost now.