Pokémon GO: The Beginning of an Obsession

If you've seen odd packs of roving teenagers all looking at the screens of their phones and pointing at random things then you've seen Pokemon Go players. The app was released earlier this month and has been blowing up the internet. Ian was a huge Pokemon player as a kid and wanted to share the love of collecting little creatures with Bea. I'll admit that I never played it as a kid and was a little wary. I'm hooked now, though I say I play it for Bea. 


We created a character inspired by Bea's ninja persona that wears a lot of yellow. Yellow is her favorite color right now. The game uses land marks on google maps and your phones location to orientate your character in space. You just walk around and your phone will buzz when a Pokemon is present. Then you throw pokeballs at it to capture it. As lame as my description is, playing is actually really fun. We find the Pokemon and then Bea comes up to flick the pokeball at them. 

This game resulted in us spending Sunday afternoon driving around Knob Noster looking for lures and landmarks where we can get pokeballs and eggs. We kept finding the weirdest things like a deer statue in a subdivision and an old B2 mural down town. We also met some odd people. Outside a church in Knob we met a pastor and had a conversation about teams in the area and how we could use the pokemon lures for public events and such. It's a little mind blowing all the gamers congregating outside in packs. For our evening walk we found random groups of adults hanging out at the park, a lure spot in the game, waiting to capture pokemon. Maybe tomorrow night they will bring their kids.


It's epic how much exercise you get in this game. You have to walk, yup it can tell when you are riding in a car,  in order to incubate the eggs you get. You also have to get out of your car in order to get close to monuments. I just found my new exercise app!

I totally recommend you try to collect them all!