Small Town...Big History

Today marks the second day of the Knob Noster Fair. It'll be going on till Saturday night. They shut down the main street of Knob Noster and have carnival rides, food vendors, different stage acts, food eating contests, a tug of war, a 5K run, you name it we've got it. I was on the fair board this year representing the garden club and helped with planning for the flower show.

This year's theme was Small Town...Big History. The husband and I created a stamp rally, like the ones at tourist attractions in Japan, of fun little local things that have happened in Knob Noster's past. You can get the paper at the main stage, you follow the clues and map to the five locations where you'll find a white box with a flag. In the box is a home made stamp representing the location, a stamp pad and a small story about what happened at that location. Once you've collected all five stamps you can return the paper back to the poster at the stage to be entered in a drawing for a free meal from Belly Down BBQ & the KN Wrestlers. The drawing will be on Friday night at 7pm so go get started!


Bea has had lots of fun with the stamps we made. I really enjoyed cutting them out. I haven't tried this since high school. Maybe there are fun woodblock prints to be made in my future.

All my entries got submitted for the flower show, art show and home ec. They have been judged and I'm so curious to see if I got any ribbons that I'm tempted to go down this evening and have a look around. I kind of love ribbons, sometimes I wish there was a way to win more ribbons in every day life. At least there's the fair.

My ikebana entry, yellow flower, button mums, and peace lily leaves.

My ikebana entry, yellow flower, button mums, and peace lily leaves.

I have no idea what that yellow flower is. I saw it at Awesome Blossoms in Warrensburg and knew I needed to arrange it for the fair. The lighting on that side of the room is a little sparse so bare with the pictures.

Come on down to the basement of the First Christian Church in Knob Noster to see all the beautiful flowers, art, and quilts. I'm going to be giving a ikebana demonstration in the flower show area at 2pm on Saturday, June 11th.

Farm Report: All my vegetables are flowering! Cucumbers, Peas, Peppers, Tomatoes, and Eggplants. I've got all my summer veggies started. Boy it's hot here. We'll see if they sprout.


Bea pretending to be a rabbit while she munches on the first carrot from the garden. It was picked a little early so is pretty small but it looks and smells like a carrot!

Reading: Application guidelines. I've got so many applications for fun new stuff due this month!

Listening: The theme song from Naruto. We introduced Bea to the show and now she's in love with being a ninja and going on special ninja missions.

Cooking: My daughter had her fourth birthday party this weekend. When asked what kind of cake she wanted for her party she said a "skull cake". Ever fascinated with anatomy and skeletons. This later morphed into skull cake pops, which I thought would be infinitely easier because I could just use a little black gel to draw the features and voila, done. Nope. Turns out cake pops are super labor intensive when you are actually putting them on sticks and your chocolate is white and shows all the red velvet crumbs.

Delicious! and sooo sweet. The inside was red velvet cake and cream cheese frosting balled up and dipped in white chocolate. You only needed one. But I got to watch my daughter munch on it and tell me she was eating brains.