The Self Portrait

I've been putting off this awkward situation for far too long. I need a much better photo of myself for my website and social media. My old one was a photo a friend too while we were on a mini vacation to Hachinohe. While it's a beautiful photo there's a lot going on and I'm holding my daughter. Not a professional looking photo.

I call this situation awkward because I am very very uncomfortable taking photos of myself. Unbelievable as that might be in this era of selfies. There are lots of reason for this. I'm usually unsatisfied with how I look. I've got a strange thin lipped smile...the's just awkward. Having been told that I'm not conventionally beautiful, a couple of times, by well meaning guys (jerks) who may or may not want to date me, you can see why I would hesitate. 

On top of that I don't know how to act in photos. Shouldn't I be doing something that reflects the work I do? A majority of the time I'm hunched over sewing something. This does not make for an interesting photo. Sometimes I wish the stone faced frown were more fashionable or even just professional. Or maybe that I was a photographer so that I could just have a camera in front of my face. The best of photography cliches.

It's not like I haven't been confronted with the self portrait before. I did my thesis in undergrad on the artist's self portrait. A fifty plus page paper on all the uses of a self portrait by artists for my BA in art history. I'm only now finding out that this is unusual or excessive. I'll just say my professor wanted eighty pages. I've also got a lot of artists friends that do self portraits in different mediums on a regular basis. Part of me has always wondered what I'm missing. This ability to self examine through art. 

So a little dabbling in self exploration this week. Some success. Much failure. Like all art processes. In the end I tried to pretend the camera was telling me a really interesting story. I'm giving the "You're really interesting, tell me more" face. 

We are getting to the end of this mural. Hopefully, We'll have this done by change of command on Wednesday. Note to self, no more twenty foot murals. 

Got a new phone with awesome camera powers! Testing out the panoramic view.

Got a new phone with awesome camera powers! Testing out the panoramic view.

Farm Report: Harvested our first cucumber. More baby plants coming along. I moved my tomatoes so they are only getting morning sun and they are doing much much better. 

Reading: Thinking Through Craft by Glen Adamson. This is in the weeds art theory but I'm really enjoying it. I guess I'm a craftsman because the focus of my work is more about material. But let's face it I'm also working with textiles which just automatically puts me in the realm of craft. Though according to Glen Adamson this might not be a bad thing. I've yet to read far enough to see his arguments why. 

Listening too: Our laughter at The League. It's been a while since I watched TV with my husband where we were both laughing out loud. It really feels nice. Maybe I watch too much serious stuff. 

Cooking: Pancit. Filipino noodle deliciousness. I got a book for Bea at the library, "Cora Cooks Pancit", in which Cora does all the "grown up" jobs. Now Bea wants to do all the grown up jobs. I'm a little amazed that she's old enough to start helping set the table and start chopping and mixing things.