I am invited to participate in critique night at Plug Projects in Kansas City next week which is simultaneously exciting and terrifying. Critique is so important, especially from people in the art world who have the background knowledge and vocabulary to talk about your work in a meaningful way. I've been searching for a solid critiques since college because I feel it's an important part of the growth process as an artist.

I have this idea. This direction that I've been working towards for a while. It is what I'm looking for a critique on at Plug Projects. I would like my fiber sculptures to be arrangements like ikebana arrangements are arrangements. Each flower is it's own distinct object and has it's own beauty but you put many of these flowers together in different ways to form arrangements in a certain space. The idea is to create many small sculptures of different types that you can arrange in a space. I've also been thinking about the performative aspect of the arrangement and the changeability of the arrangement. Wouldn't it be fun to rearrange the sculptures every week or so for the time they are up? Or have the audience arrange them?

There's a lot of room for play. We took these photos this weekend playing with different arrangements of the mini fiber sculptures that I already have.

I'm not really sure what to expect from critique. Praise would be nice but doesn't always help you grow. More ideas to expand on would be excellent. "Go home, this is a waste of your and our time" would be devastating. Apathy is a death sentence. What if my work isn't engaging beyond it's pretty and made of crazy materials? The anticipation is excruciating.

Mural Progress:


Those mushroom clouds sure are a pain in the butt. We got a ton of help this week, including an active duty member to watch all the kiddos. Thank you! But the sky is slowly coming together and next will be the tricky part of mixing all the colors for vehicles and bombs.

We had a good solid rain for a couple of weeks and I've decided to take on another project for the blog. In case I didn't have enough sections. So let me introduce....dun, dun, dun,.....Playground Mycology or Fungus Among Us.


A little background on this. There's a playground across the road that is covered with some very old wood chips that grows the most spectacular fungi through the season. I've decided to chronicle these fungi in a quest for inspiration and knowledge. If you know what they are leave me a comment.

Upcoming Stuff:

My work and I will be at Critique night at the Plug Projects in Kansas City on May 26th from 6-8pm. So nervous, so excited!

My next ikebana class will be June 4th from 10-12pm @ Powell Gardens. Register at least two weeks a head.

Farm Report: Cold weather and incessant rain means that most of my indigo seedlings and my cucumbers have white leaves. Too much sun? cold? It's not downy mildew. I really can't grow indigo. The good news is that everything else is flourishing and I don't have to step outside and water things in the morning.

Anyone have ideas on fashionable attire for watering your plants first thing in the morning? My bathrobe is a bit to heavy weight, stained and embarrassing.

Reading: American Housewife by Helen Ellis, I really wish that my experience as an American housewife fit the picture on the cover. The stories really make me laugh and think about how terrible people are. Like all good comedy, terrible people doing terrible things and the chaos that ensues.

Listening to: My daughter sing at her end of year preschool recital. I still can't believe that she's done with her first year of preschool! All the things she's learned this year!

Eating: My lovely talented chef of a husband made smoked salmon chowder. I've been eating it for every meal since. Sooo tasty! We've also been having fun looking through the Illustrated Cook's Book of Ingredients and reading about ingredients we've only seen on TV.