The sky goes flat, no wind, and you can just taste the rain in the air. That's how it feels around here today. The storm that hit my parents in Wyoming seems to have fizzled out to some light showers and dead skies. It's that humid lull of spring after a storm when all the birds are chirping and plants are lush with promise. You can practically feel the growth energy in the air.

Look at me talking about the weather, there must not be much interesting in the way of art going on. We are in the waiting phase around here before our projects can progress. The MUNS mural is penciled up on the wall and we've been receiving a lot of positive feed back. I'm hoping that now that people can see it that we'll be getting people to come out and help us paint, especially the families. Now we wait for funding. But I'm not worried, we've already devised different ways that we can break up the whole process as the money comes in.

Last week was spring break for Bea's preschool so not much artwork got done. It's quite challenging to keep a preschooler occupied all day. Luckily, Bea initiates her own "projects" and sculptures so I can set her up with supplies and then go clean. So much cleaning!

I had a friend come over with her boys last week and we got a little adult creative time in the studio while the kids played in Bea's room. We had lots of fun gossiping over tea and creating collages. There would be these moments after a loud bump that we would hold our breathes, stare at the ceiling, and wait for the screams. It must been a mom thing because we do it so perfectly in sync. I imagine antelopes with raised heads on the savanna. Now I want more adult creative time.


The Farm Report: Bea finally came to me and wanted to plant some seeds. I think she liked the way that I'm always turning our milk and juice containers into planters. We spent the afternoon planting Bea's favorites, carrots and cucumbers. I tried to turn it into a mini lesson by practicing our letters by making signs and counting out the seeds. No wasted opportunities for learning. P is for the pickle plant.


My peas are really taking off. We've got basil, thyme, rosemary, cilantro, carrots, and cucumbers planted. But will it all live? Seeds are still being hardened off. Ian is building me a garden box as we speak so I'm hoping to actually get my bok choy planted.

Reading: Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card. I can't put this book down and every time I reread it there's more. I should probably read the rest in the series but I'm so scared that it will ruin the characters for me.

Watching: Archer! Season 6. It just keeps being horrible. Why did Lana name her baby that? We live in a hole guys, and are really behind in our media.

Cooking: Asparagus and artichokes my favorite spring time treats.