This last couple of weeks we've been hustling to get our giant secret project off the ground. We are almost there! At least my part of it is. The sad thing about secret projects is that there just isn't much blog fodder until it is revealed and I can let loose with the whole epic tale. One more week of suspense. But here is a pretty, if abstract, picture of part of my costume.


Let's talk hair. I'm not really a hair person. I've come to realize that if I have to get it cut more than once a few months or it takes more than running my fingers through it,  it will never get done. The bare minimum of care possible. You may ask, why not just grow it long and do the whole supermodel pony tail thing? To which I reply, my hair is stupid, fine, thin, and greasy. My hair is at it's best when shaved to my scalp, which makes me look just a tad nuts. Which I so wanted to do in college but all the other girls were doing it, you know the story. It's kind of like tattoos. Everyone was getting one but I'm afraid of needles and I have ridiculous standards.

I'm wearing a wig for this secret project/performance and I wanted to get all my hair cut off so it wouldn't show. I ask for a pixie cut and wellll....... She did give me a pixie cut but for what ever reason the sides and back are much shorter than what's on top so I've ended up with a haircut that I've never had before. Not to say that it's bad, it's just different. For whatever reason without any thought or styling my hair now forms the more perfect mohawk. I wake up with an artfully created mohawk. I've been sick with the flu and haven't showered in three days and I have hair that any butch lesbian/skater teenager would adore. My hair has taken on an attitude and life of it's own. I'm slightly embarrassed, my hair is wearing me. So like with my giant old lady glasses I pretend like I'm the shit and maybe I'll look it. And really, it's only hair. 

Farm Report: My tomatoes have sprouted and all my other seedlings are getting second leaves! I've been so successful at this that I'm going to have to start giving plants away. I'm looking at you pablano peppers. Ian wanted pablanos and I'm like what are we even gonna make with bushels of semi hot peppers? Jam? Jam is my answer to everything.


Classes: This Sunday is my first class of Ukrainian egg dying for Easter this year. I'm mixing dyes and prepping for the class today! Sign up at the Warrensburg Community Center.

Class dates: March 6th 1-4pm, March 12th 9-12pm, March 20th 1-4pm, March 26th 9-12pm

Reading: Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson. This book and this lady are amazing. I've been reading a lot a books it seems lately about writers writing about writing because I've been doing a lot of writing about my art making for applications. Her mind, the way this book is constructed as one run on thought, it's pretty brilliant. And let's face it, it's pretty much how my writing is structured. As if someone let doge write a blog. Things I love: She's messed up but she knows it and she embraces it and somehow she's really good at it.  Message of the week being your authentic self.

Listening to: Pillow Talking by Lil Dicky "Bitch don't know about Pangaea" " Do you f@#k with the war" This is so stuck in my head.

Cooking: Nothing, pretty much have just been eating raisin bran and cough drops because I've had the flu for the last week. Husband did make me some homemade chicken noodle soup with homemade noodles. One of his specialties.