Spring has started early this year and pysanky season is almost done. The bush in front of my living room window is really ugly and hasn't even developed leaves yet. I think it's called a white fringe tree. But the one saving grace of this bush is that every morning around 8am a male house finch comes to sit in the branches and serenade me while I drink my morning coffee. It's my favorite time of day because the light is beautiful and the day is full of potential.

Yesterday I took a walk about base to look at the different flora in the area. I've been thinking of different arrangements that I could make with native Missouri plants. I'm eager to arrange red bud and pecan like last year. But there are other surprising plants like rose hips and raspberry canes. Nothing is lovelier than exploring the woods alone in the warm sunshine. I keep thinking back to the plants that would be sprouting in northern Japan at this time of year. Cherry blossoms, sigh.

We started drawing the MUNS mural on the wall today! Ian came home for lunch and said that he got the go ahead to start. This is only half of the mural but we should have it completely drawn in a few days. We got quite a bit done in an hour.

Some of the challenges from the very beginning will be the bumpy wall and very small areas of color. I will be doing a bit of detail painting. I've consolidated the color palette so that we don't have over a hundred colors like in the photo. All those shades of grey and sage green!

These are some cute eggs from my pysanky student last week. It was a was a pretty chill class and my student even came design ideas! I've got one more class left for the Easter season. March 26th 9-12pm at the Warrensburg Community Center. Sigh up today! More pictures of my pysanky this year in next weeks post. I've haven't been able to find my white satin for photo taking.

The Farm Report: The snap peas, Swiss chard and spinach are all sprouting. It's been a little chilly as of late and I'm debating pulling them in at night. I had them inside over the weekend because it was going to freeze. Further work on hardening off my tomatoes, peppers, eggplants and indigo.  Planted some basil. This is all trial and error, I really have no idea what I'm doing. My spirea has leaves! It didn't die!

Reading: Kansas City a Food Biography by Andrea Broomfield. Kudos to this book for putting a chapter on prehistoric and Native American cooking practices, not to mention the French and Mexican cuisines in the region. This only makes me want to learn more about the Osage and do some experimenting with the wild persimmons that grow near by.

Listening to: My favorite house finch. I've named him Atticus

Cooking: Bea wanted vanilla cupcakes with orange frosting. I got a little creative inspired by Cupcake Wars and added the grated zest and juice of two clementines to the buttercream frosting. I'm really pleasantly surprised by how delightfully orange tasting they are.