Designing murals is tough. Originally, I wanted to put something a little more interesting in the halls of my husband's work that wasn't the usual picture of a B2 or a neon colored mushroom cloud. My husband wanted to showcase all the equipment that the squadron actually uses since munitions assembles bombs and doesn't fly B2s. I was like let's get the spouses and kids to come help paint it, that will be a fun community project. Then the squadron commander wanted it in the conference room and it has turned into a 20' by 6' monstrosity. Six months of designing later and we've finally gotten to a point where I can show it to people and start pricing it out.

Some parts of the design make me a little uncomfortable but I'm open to suggestions on how to properly showcase all the equipment and make it look cohesive. Maybe we should have done something that was less realistic? eh?  I just need to accept that with public art someone is going to hate it, but we haven't gotten any complaints from supervision. I even got a like on FB from the base commanders wife. :grins:

I still want to move some of the bombs around in the sky. Maybe change the font of the slogan.

Oh man, I could keep tweaking this indefinitely.

So in weird news, I'm now a member of the Knob Noster Fair Board as the representative for the Garden Club. I really love fairs and the street fair in Knob was such a treat last year. I'm now an award winning artist because I got a fair ribbon in the art show. Wink. We are going to be adding more categories to the plant show this year so get ready for some cool stuff. I heard whispers of fairy gardens and terrariums. Now I really want to make a terrarium. Wouldn't Bea have so much fun making a fairy garden?

Interesting tidbit: I took my spinning to my husband's volleyball game and discovered that spinning with a drop spindle while sitting in bleachers was quite fantastically awesome. It also makes you feel really out of place to be wearing a skirt and tights and spinning while everyone is all athletic wear and scrolling on their phones. Hopefully someday someone will walk up to me and ask me what I'm doing and I can tell them all about the wonderfulness that is wool.

Farm Report: Working on hardening off my seedlings. No causalities yet but some plants don't seem to take it too well. Since the weather has been so unseasonably warm I've planted my snap peas, Swiss chard and spinach. If my husband isn't so tired and lazy this weekend we'll get our planter built and ready to roll.

Reading: Shamefully amounts of smut novels, the Wicked Deceptions series by Joanna Shupe. So.... not much housework has been getting done.

Listening to: One Bad Mother podcast. It makes me feel a little bit better about how little I care about my daughters appearance or her ability to dress herself.

Cooking: Dreaming up the pies I would make for the Knob Noster fair's pie contest. Ian and I might go head to head British Bake Off style.