Secrets and Paperwork

I've got very little that I can actually show you this week. I'm working on two secret projects! This first one is my husband's valentine collage. Here's a little preview of the components. Maybe. The other is the Spouses Dining In. It's a fun little twist on military tradition just for spouses where we are competing in costumes, skit, table decoration and limericks. My husband's theater set skills have been employed to great effect. Family collaborative art is so fun.


Beyond that I've been applying for a couple of grants. Money is pretty important for artists to get a body of work together. You either have time or money and I don't really have either so maybe money is easier to get until Bea is in school full time. I'm also working on my application for Brush Creek artist residency program (time!). All of this due between now and the mid of March. Wish me luck.

Reading: I am Lucy Barton by Elizabeth Strout. This was so good. And such a fast read, mostly because I was so sick. I'm going to have to read some of her other books.

Binge Watching: Sense 8. I really can't stop myself. Hernando! Wolfgang! but sometimes there's just too much of the hitting over the head with the stereotyping and character development.

Cooking: Bacon, Onion, Artichoke Quiche. I make quiche a lot and I make pretty awesome quiche so this is not much of a surprise but frying the onions in the bacon fat made it even better. Not to mention we bought a meat bundle from a local butcher and the bacon we got is phenomenal.