College, How I Miss You

On Sunday my Surface Design Association Group got to tour the Kansas City Art Institute's fiber department and had lectures by some very talented recent graduates. Just being in that building was magical.. I love the smell of studio and concrete. The air was charged with ideas. Millions of things laying around unfinished. I might have to start taking classes again.

These photos are just from the weaving room but there were many other awesome things were happening.


We were given presentations by the head of the fiber department, Pauline Verbeek-Cowart, and graduates Lexie Abra Johnson, Kadie Nugent, Nicole Leth. All of these ladies are extremely talented and inspiring with diverse work and styles. But the thing that they had in common seemed to be creating a space or an event with their artwork that engaged their community rather than singular pieces that are grouped together in a show. It really got me thinking this might be the new way to approach art; facilitating group experiences that encompass performance and installation. If my focus were less on having actual art pieces to send to shows and more on installations or pop up art happenings wouldn't that allow me to do more for art in my community and maybe find more of my kind in the process?

So many great things to think about and I've got a whole new list of books to read on fiber and tech. Lights in fabric! I like the possibilities. Ian would be thrilled because he thinks all my pieces should be lit up.

For the month of March I'm teaching Ukrainian egg dying classes at the Warrensburg Community Center. This is a wax resist dying technique that uses bees wax and open flame. It produces beautifully intricate designs and rich colors. The class lasts for three hours with all materials provided. Students may dye as many eggs they can complete. This is a craft that you can incorporate into your own families Easter traditions. Call the Warrensburg Community Center to register.

Class Dates: March 6th 1-4pm, March 12th 9-12pm, March 20th 1-4pm, and March 26th 9-12pm.

Farm Report: Seedlings have been transferred to larger pots! They continue to grow. My tomato seedlings didn't make it so I will be sprouting another batch and this time not leaving them to their own devices for a week.


Reading: The latest issue of Surface Design magazine on wax and fiber and pondering incorporating wax into my sculptures. My studio floor is carpeted. hmmmm.

Listening to: That darn song for that darn skit for that big secret project that has eaten up every ounce of my life. I can't wait til March 5th and I can drink and party it all away.

Cooking: The years first BBQ. It's been warming up to the mid 60s around here so we've started grilling sausages. So there's a whole town in Missouri that is know for it's bratwurst called Hermann. They have a Wurstfest. We might have to check this out.