The New Year

My last post should have been about my new years resolutions. But like everything I seem to do these days this is coming late and a little hap hazard.

Things that Happened in 2015

  • First artist residency at the Art Farm!
  • Became member of the Greater Kansas City Fiber Guild and learned to spin
  • First ikebana students at Powell Gardens!
  • Started teaching at Warrensburg Community Center
  • Sculptures were made
  • Got into the Missouri Top 50
  • Now an award winning artist because of my ribbons from the Knob Noster Fair
  • First plein air embroidery

Art Resolutions for 2016

  •  Organize plein air event on Whiteman AFB
  • Design, paint, and organize community mural event for 509 MUNS squadron.
  • Ohanami ikebana/art event with Art Impressions Gallery & Framing in Sedalia
  • Apply for Brush Creek artist residency
  • Apply for Personal Development Grant from the Surface Design Association
  • One juried show or maybe even a solo show (I always try to do one a year)
  • Get work in a gallery in the KC area
  • Continue to teach classes at Powell Gardens and Warrensburg Community Center (more classes?)
  • More ikebana garden club demos in area
  • Get better at spinning, both on my wheel and on my spindle
  • Grow indigo and dye something
  • Complete some sculptures from the Art Farm
  • Start a new series with pastels and embroideries. It came to me in a dream now I just need to execute it.
  • Just keep working and don't get into slumps where all I do is knit and read romance novels.

Slow and steady progress. It's hard to believe we've only been in Missouri a year. I have some high hopes for 2016. With luck my Chinese horoscope is completely wrong.

Reading: Dreaming of You by Lisa Kleypas

Listening to: Haitian Revolution podcast....It's really interesting guys and one of the pivotal revolutions of the well ever.

Eating: Less. I'm in a competition with my husband to see who loses ten pounds first by April 1st. Winner gets $50 and a day of unencumbered shopping and it's going to be me. Help, I'm so hungry!