Knit Along

My sister in law challenged me to a knit a long in my birthday package so I'm challenging you guys. We are knitting Skew from Ravelry. This is not my usual knit because I'm used to all the fancy pattern reading and it's toe up. There's a little bit of nail biting on this one because I'm knitting them for someone that's not here and not my shoe size. It's knitting along fast but I have a feeling I haven't gotten to the crazy part yet. So cast on now and show me how it's done.

Yarn: Lion Brand Sock Ease Color: Taffy

Which means that this sock is on the back burner. Everything seems to be in order but I still don't like the puckeing when it's not being worn.

"Sam" by Cookie A Yarn: Cascade Heritage Sock

"Sam" by Cookie A Yarn: Cascade Heritage Sock

Interesting things progressing with the Jewel project.

Paverpol experiments:

Class News:

Registration for my Ikebana class at Powell Gardens on September 19th from 10-12pm is closing on Tuesday the 9th at midnight. I'm also teaching ikebana on September 27th from 2-4pm. Sign up today!

Reading: Among the Ten Thousand Things by Julia Pierpont - I'm a sucker for books about artists

Listening to: Lots of 99% Invisible podcasts

Eating: Chocolate chip cookies. Don't underestimate the awesome that is the recipe on the back of the Hershey's Special Dark chocolate chip bag.