Much Whelm

Art has been suspended a little bit in order to get ready for my month long residency at the Art Farm. Coupled with some drama involving day care for my daughter I'm completely over whelmed. The anxiety is mounting. Stay tuned to my blog for residency photos and updates!

As you can see the studio is completely torn apart as I'm packing up materials. You've got to have a lot of materials to choose from and be inspired by right? Hopefully the car is big enough.

Pattern: Sam by Cookie A Yarn: Cascade Heritage Sock

Managed to get the first sock of a new pair done. Knitting and watching Downton Abby has been helping me stay relaxed. There's just so much prep that will have to wait for the day before I leave and there are only so many lists one can make.

In newsy news, I'm going to be at the Old Drum Coffee House and Bakery Saturday from 10-1pm during Burg Fest. I'mspinning unfortunately because I haven't had the time to figure out my wheel. I'm probably going to be couching gold wire on some leaves that I'm making. So come down, see some of my art and have a good time.

On Sunday I'm going to be teaching ikebana to my first two students! I'm so excited! I can't wait to see what flowers they are going to be working with. I'm a little bit at the mercy of the florist. But there are usually roses or Gerber daisies.

Back to the packing

Reading: The latest issue of the Surface Design magazine. It's the fashion issue!

Listening to: New stuff by Modest Mouse. The guys at my husband's work have been a tiny bit obsessed with Modest Mouse right now. We've been watching their music videos on Youtube.

Cooking: Manicotti. This is like the perfect dish to have toddlers help prepare. Too bad mine wont eat it. She'll help cook but just wont eat. Bea calls herself Cooker Girl.