Today is really icky....I've spent all my time in front of the computer doing "Business". Imagine the voice of the eagle from the Muppet Christmas Carol. Mostly I've been doing scheduling for January to April. The exciting bit is that I will be offering two new classes at the Warrensburg Community Center, Beginner's Knitting and Beginner's Sewing Machine as well as Pysanky egg dying.

Last night I went to the Kansas Cities Fiber Guild meeting. We got our Creative Hand Show and Sale postcards! This sale is supposed to be really cool and really highly attended. I'm not in it this year but I'm gonna scout it.

We also had a great lecture on color by Jason Pollen. He is a textile designer turned fiber artist. He teaches in the fiber department at the Kansas City Art Institute. What a fabulous life it seems like he's lived. He encouraged us to really look at the color all around us. I also learned more about cultural biases and endemic colors. Women in the US like purple, pink and teal. All my favorite colors! Now I have to challenge myself to work more with yellow and orange. Orange probably being my least favorite. But then orange can be persimmon or coral.

I'm a little overloaded on espresso right now so here are this weeks pics of Jewel. Ian and Bea were having fun with some ceramic doll parts I found at Salvation Army.

Reading: Cultural Threads: Transnational Textiles Today by Jessica Hemmings. It just came through ILL. I've only just cracked it. Much Promise.

Listening: The Ballad of Captain Dwight on Memory Palace and thinking about art and airplanes.

Cooking: Pasta salad with my own pesto, peas, avocado, and wilted spinach. The avocado adds this unexpected creaminess like adding a pieces of soft cheese. It was an amazing discovery for this lactose intolerant girl.