Pavorpol Experiments

So I ordered this stuff called Paverpol. It's a fabric hardener. Truly amazing stuff. It looks like Elmer's glue and it dries clear. It creates a clear waterproof coating on any natural fiber fabric. The miracle is that it doesn't adhere to plastic or skin. Yesterday was my first test run and I am super pleased.

Pavorpel experiment.

Here's the idea. I created a ball out of this ribbed upholstery fabric. I was a little meticulous with the cutting so that the ribs would match. Not perfect but not far off. I left one end open. Then I submerged the whole thing in Paverpol and scraped off as much excess as possible. I hated the idea of painting it on. Such Tedium. I'm way too excited about this to take things slow.

Then I took a couple of plastic containers and stuffed them inside creating this crazy deflated shape. The top part was dry by this morning but not the bottom. It'll need to sit another day. Once it's completely hardened I'm going to cut out all the fabric between the ribs. It should create this crazy armature of fabric that I want to spray paint and stuff with some thing crazy. I'm way too excited for this.

I've been having a lot of fun taking pictures of my Jewel sculpture arrangement. The whole family is getting involved and creating some dynamic arrangements. At the beginning I had all these rules about how to shoot the arrangement and how to arrange it but that just seems to kill all the life in it. Now we are experimenting with it hanging over the edge of the table.

My work is on display at Old Drum Coffee House in Warrensburg until the end of October. I'm going to be doing a spinning demo and answering questions during Burg Fest (Sept 25th and 26th). I'm not sure about times at the moment. So stop in, grab a coffee and look at some crazy stuff on the walls.

Reading: France: The Beautiful Cookbook - I love the way this book smells!

Listening to: Disney Songs on Pandora - Especially "When will my Life Begin" from Tangled. It seems like an anthem for stay at home moms or maybe just me. 

Cooking: Creative bento boxes for my daughter for preschool. If only she would eat them.