Finding My People

I'm a firm believer that artists need other artists for community, mentoring, and sometimes for just basic understanding. There's a whole bunch of times that I've been asked, "Why do you make this? What's it for?". Every time we move to a new place I try searching out other like minded people. It's even better when they are fiber artists.

My lovely mother in law bought me a membership for my birthday for the Surface Design Association. They are an organization of fiber related artists that have shows, workshops, etc. The KC chapter had a meeting on Sunday and I am so glad I went. I met all these wonderfully talented artists and got to talk all kinds of topics, mediums, all these little artist insecurities that pile up in the back of my mind.

Things I learned:

  • It's ok not to use my art to explore my neuroses. That artwork just has to be made.  I just might be a little more analytical when it comes to my artwork. Doesn't mean I always have to be.
  • Paverpol: Fabric stiffener that I need to use for my sculptures on residency. My tub is in the mail.
  • All the things to consider when pricing work.
  • I might not have to live in NYC to be a great working and showing artist.
  • Not to beat myself up if I'm not always creating. Artists go through dry spells

This is my newest sculpture. Basically I threw a bunch of parts together that I had created in a pile on the table. Tweaked it a bit and it just looks so lovely. I've thought about stiffening it to make it a permanent sculpture.

My husband, however, thinks that it should be taken apart and rearranged every day and that a photo should be taken. I would try to rearrange it every day to look like the original and then put all the photos together in a movie. I'm intrigued. It's just so wonderful the way it is and I don't want it to mess it up. Am I treating it as if it is too precious? So I do the arranging experiment? What do you think? When the Paverpol comes in the mail then I think I will have to make the decision.

Finally got a jaw bone completed - had to resort to stuffing. Many more to go.

Finally got a jaw bone completed - had to resort to stuffing. Many more to go.

In knitting news I got Bea's socks finished from my scraps and took a cute mother daughter sock photo. She's getting so big that I'm not going to have enough yarn for matching socks anymore. :cries:

Reading: Slightly Tempted by Mary Balogh. Her slightly series has been comforting me this week.

Listening to: The stories and advice of other fiber artists

Cooking: Spring rolls! I forgot how wonderful they are and we've finally found a store that carries the rice wrappers.