Beginner Weaver Mistakes

This week I finally started the weaving process. My hubby got my warping board finished and I sat down with my DVD on how to warp my loom. Here's the process.

Cleaned the studio and set up warping board. It's a frame with pegs. The laundry basket is to hold my ball of thread and let it unravel well.

Getting all my threads on the warping board so that all the warp threads are the same length.

I took the warping threads off the board and chained them so they are compact and easy to manage. All that contrasting thread is to hold the cross of the threads and the choke that keeps the threads together.

Sleying the reed. The reed is a plastic screen that has slots for every warp thread. Sleying mean pulling each individual thread through the reed. The reed is on a beater bar that you use to beat the weave back. It's being propped by the lace book.

Now I thread a warp thread through a small hole in each of those white strings. The pattern of my weave is determined by what harness the white threads are attached to. I have a four harness loom. I think I'm weaving a twill because the lady in the DVD is weaving a twill and I made a smaller version of her pattern because she is working with an 8 harness loom. Barbie was my daughter's idea and Ginger wants the curry I am holding while I take this photo.

So I was beginning to pull the whole warp through the loom and wind it around the back bar crank thingy but a couple of my warp strings broke because it's old string and I was pulling on it too much. So now I'm stopped until I either repair the threads of start all over again. First times.

I finally have a sculpture finished! Now I have photos to edit.

Reading: The Life of Images: Selected Prose by Charles Simic

Listening to: Stuff Mom Never Told You: Dad Bod edition. Sparked an interesting conversation with my husband (who is a dad and has a dad bod) about how it just seems like a normal body type and how I've always been more attracted to dad bod's

Cooking: Endive au Gratin! Is there anything more divine then a perfectly executed bechemal sauce? Also My new favorite way to cook beets is my roasting them on the grill and then drizzling them in red wine vinegar, sugar, salt, pepper, and fresh thyme.