Looming Horizon

Long have I been a fan of tapestries. I first started to get really excited about them in undergrad and have thought about doing my masters about them. Last night was the KC Fiber Guild meeting and I borrowed the guild's loom so that I can start teaching myself to weave. We'll see how that adventure goes.

Louet W40 Folding Table Loom, four harness

So this pretty piece came home with me last night and now I have to teach myself to warp it. Luckily I have a DVD and Youtube. It's all collapsed in the photo so I'll have to figure out how to make it stand and stuff like that. I thought a fun project to start on my loom would be sakiori, a Japanese weaving technique that uses fabric scraps. I took a class at Komaki Onsen in Misawa and really loved the idea of using up all the fabric that I have kept. I'll work my way up to tapestries in a little bit.

This week in Knob Noster they are having fair week and then Whiteman Air Force Base is having their air show. Much to do all around. I entered one of my flower arrangements in the flower show and then a quilt and a couple of art pieces in the art show. Both shows are in the basement of the First Christian Church on Monroe St. in Knob Noster. The judging is today so it should be fun to see if I won any ribbons tonight. I was big into 4-H and fairs as a kid and so I love winning ribbons. Next I'll try entering the Missouri State Fair since it is just up the road.

Palm, Star gazer lilly, white aster.

Other flowers at the show.

Saturday is World Wide Knit in Public Day so I'm gonna take my lime green socks down to the air show and knit next to some jets. Maybe I'll even stand in line forever and knit in a cockpit.

Reading: Stone Mattresses by Margaret Atwood

Listening to: Found a fun new podcast Memory Palace

Making: Strawberry cake with a lemon curd center and strawberry icing all from scratch for my daughters birthday. I have a three year old running around the house. Can you believe it?