While I was in LA I stayed with my friends from college. Twins living in north Hollywood and working at Universal Studios. I love them to smithereens and was so excited to be able to visit them for the first time in five years! That's way too long and I feel like I'm getting old.

Walking into their apartment was like traveling in time back to college. Stacks of DVDs and books, artwork all over the walls, patterned fabrics pinned to the white walls of a one bedroom apartment. I love their taste for crazy patterns combinations and clutter. It makes me feel at home. Then I started looking at their art collection and it really took me back to college. They are probably the biggest collector of my artwork. I'm pretty sure they have half the works I made in college, from oil paintings to collages.

It's always interesting to see where you've come as an artist. The ideas that are still present in your work. While I don't do paintings really any more, I still love collage. My drawing style is still this swirling vortex of scribbles like I would make in Microsoft paint when I was in middle school.

I taught the twins to quilt while I was their roommate in college. You should have seen the fabric strewn across the apartment. They have still been quilting, more so than myself. We tend to do these crazy mish-mash of patterns and colors from fabrics we collect from clothing, thrift stores and yard sales. You can see all the crazy fabrics in my ugly quilts. It was a real joy to see scraps of fabric that are in my quilts in their quilts. It's like the perfect way be friends over long distances because you can look at the fabrics and remember who they came from.

Quilting Buddies Forever!

Reading: Pinkalicious by Victoria and Elizabeth Kann

Listening to: My daughter sing Wheels on the Bus

Eating: My mother in laws white cake, super tasty.