Bruised Fingers

I've been working rather diligently on my ikebana sculptures. This one has just been nicknamed Seed Pod by my husband so that's what we'll go with. Because I'm trying to stitch upholstery vinyl to velvet I've been using my trusty thimble lately. My daughter loves my thimble, especially putting it in her mouth. Kids are just drawn to small shiny finger puppets that they can choke on. Yesterday she lost it. My fingers are so small that I've only ever been able to find one thimble that fits. To give you an idea, my wedding ring is a size 4.5 and it's loose on cold days. So I was stitching most of morning without a thimble and I've terribly bruised my finger tips. I'm actually surprised they aren't bleeding. Once Ian and Bea woke up I headed out to Hunter Heritage Quilting for thimbles.

Let just say how much I love their customer service. They let me prattle on and on looking for this indigo colored cotton fabric that I haven't been able to find a match since Japan. It feels like my unicorn. They also got my scissors sharpened before I had got home, though I thought it might take a couple of days.

Skin Thimble and Silicone

I picked up these two thimble types because they didn't have metal thimbles. Turns out quilters don't quilt with vinyl upholstery. I could tell you why. I'm pretty excited about the Skin Thimble because they have a picture of someone stone carving with it on their website. At first I was apprehensive because it is so big but the elastic in it feels snug even on my skinny fingers. Maybe the silicone one will be better for embroidery because it's less bulky.

Seed Pod

Seed Pod

This is what I've been able to accomplish with my Seed Pod today. It's going to be a suspended sculpture I think. I ran out of velvet so the seed pod part is gonna be open. I'm thinking of some sort of flowing white texture thing coming out of it. Boning may be involved.

The inside is a cage made from some wire from one of my previous sculptures. My teacher in college kind of blew my mind when she told me that I should just scrap the paint off the canvas and start over. I couldn't do it in painting but I can totally do it with my fiber sculptures. I actually have a shelf for my failed experiments. I love the colored wire and the strange little orchid things. I can make them BETTER!


Failed Attempt

On a sweet note, Bea came in the studio while I was taking pictures of my sculpture and said, "Sculpture, Awesome!" She's two. It's amazing that she gets excited about seeing art and sculpture. She loves it when I read her a Salvadore Dali children's book. What a cutie.

Reading: "How to be a Heroine or, What I've Learned from Reading too Much" by Samantha Ellis

Listening: XX Gabfest "Monica Makes a Joke Edition"

Eating: Sugar cookies in the shape of B2s and Angels. Very coincidental.