Pysanky Craze

As the weeks count down to Easter, I am focusing more on the Pysanky side of things. People who are interested in my classes keep asking about eggs that I've done and my default answer has been, "Well, my mom has them because we just moved from Japan and I sent them all to her." I'm not sure why I've never really taken photos of the eggs I make. They are really an art form and I prefer to make contemporary and interesting designs. Mostly because my mind and hard are not steady enough to for all the repetitive and consistent imagery.

My husband and I agreed up a set studio time for me on Thursday mornings so that I can lock myself away and fulling concentrate on art work. Today was our first crack at it and I would say it's a wonderful success. At least I feel better making some head way on things while my husband watches our child. The only disconcerting thing is when she starts knocking on the door and asking for me. I always have to toughen my resolve and tell myself this my work time.

This studio day I was able to get this pretty little Pysanky done.

I wanted to combine my Midwest theme with all the traditional pattern work that I've been doing to make example eggs for my class. I'm teaching my class at a new craft consignment shop in Knob Noster called Ladybug 'N" Friends. I really wanted more of a dark blue for the band design but I got frustrated trying to make it and ended dying it black. It just looks a little too bold against the blue sky and windmills.

Other fun things that I've done today include dusting off and taking pictures of a wall piece that I've never had good pictures of and working some more on my ikebana fiber sculpture. It always amazes me how much time it takes just to hand sew. Days like this when I wish I was a drawer or painter

Reading: "A Blue Spool of Thread" by Anne Tyler

Listening to: NPR's Invisibilia "Our Computers, Ourselves"

Cooking: Hummus to go with the batch of bread I burned and will now de-crust