Ode to Spring and My Mom

Stop, Ikebana time! I think I found the perfect time of day to photograph my ikebana arrangements for the best light.

Pussy Willow and Tulip

Pussy Willow and Tulip

This arrangement just makes me feel like spring and is for my mom because she has a milestone birthday this month.  I wont tell you which one because ladies are supposed to keep secrets like that. Pussy willows remind me of my mom even though her favorite flower is the carnation, because of the pussy willow china set that we pull out for fancy meals.

Sometimes less is more. I was completely enchanted by some Bells of Ireland at the Awesome Blossoms but I just couldn't bring myself to put them in the arrangement. Too much as my sensei would say. They are a very strong flower so I think I will come up with some funky arrangement for them tomorrow. Tonight it's off to the Fiber Guild of Greater Kansas City meeting. Where I will learn even more about drop spindles and hopefully some interesting things about the history of embroidery.

The pussy willows need some more fiddling with. That big one in the back is too straight but it's too dry for me to bend it without breaking. I've already tried once. Also that short one in the back needs to come to the right a little more and out from behind the top tulip. I'm really happy with the texture the tulip leaves are creating. My daughter also roughed up the shortest tulip for me when I wasn't paying attention. This is despite having her rose to play with (mangle). Though this rose is proving surprisingly hardy and is still hanging in there.