Feelin' the Love

Happy Valentine's Day! Know that you are loved, maybe not by a significant other, but loved just the same.

Ian got me orchids! We went to go pick them up plus whatever other flowers I would need to make an ikebana arrangement. Such a lovely man.

Horse tails, orchids, hypericum berry, razor fern.

It's my take on an upright moribana style. Ian ordered from Corner Floral because they were the only ones that carried an orchid that wasn't neon blue. They had a lot of lovely and interesting greenery back there and were gracious enough to let me come have a look at their cooler and back room. Florists are super busy on Valentine's Day and I'm so happy they took the time for me.

Ta dah! Ian's valentine.

Valentine 2015

Valentine 2015

It might be a bit too busy. I should have edited a little. But I didn't realize this until I had built the frog gut window. The other idea is that it might need another layer that is shorter than the gut window. Ian is happy with it so that is all that matters, right? I'm continuing with the vegetation dripping black blood theme. 

Home made puri and palak murgh (chicken and spinach) for lunch. Nothing like a home cooked meal on Valentine's day.