Much Secrets. So Valentines.

Unfortunately there are no new photos for this post because all the projects I happen to be working on are secret. The first project is so secret that I can't even tell you why I'm doing it. The second secret project is my yearly valentine collage for Ian.

My husband told me that he really likes my collages. Since I focus so much on the fiber stuff these days and aren't churning out collages all the time I make him a yearly valentines day collage to profess my love and adulation. Usually there is some poetry, a heart and creepiness involved.

Valentines from the past:

Valentine 2014

Valentine 2012? See I can't remember if we were just dating or married by the time I made this.

I know I'm missing at least one and I can't remember what it looks like let alone where it might be.

Valentine 2011.

This was our first Valentine's day as a married couple and he was away at BMT. I could only talk to him for maybe 5 minutes sometime on Sunday. It was a very stressful time. I made it the size of the envelopes I sent all my letters in. I probably wrote him a letter a day. There were some tears on Valentine's Day that year.

So anyways, that's my sappy Valentine's day tradition. Ian tells me that he has some big surprise planned for me this year. His eyes were all lit up because he had just finished it before Bea and I walked in the house. Usually I ask for a potted plant and a pastry. In Japan the pastries are amazing.

In other artistic news, I attended my monthly fiber guild meeting! I made friends with some peeps with sheeps that live out on our end of the KC area. The meeting was about spinning with drop spindles. We made our own drop spindles out of CDs and dowels. I have finally learned to spin! I'm not great but I have the desire! Now I've got a bunch of grey roving to practice on untill I get good enough for my giant ball of white roving. I've been carting it around with me for the last 6 years.  I'm finally gonna put it to some use! Other great news is that I found someone that could help be fix my spinning wheel. Another project in the works. I'm in love with driving up to KC every month for a girl's fiber night.

I attended a lecture at UCM today about Art and Craft given by two art professors. They have community out reach lectures  (awesome!). Since they don't have a MFA or a MA in art history I'm probably not going to be going to college. Though I might try my hand at a MBA. The lecture was good, I think I can summarize the professors view as "anything that evokes emotion, good or bad, is art". In my mind, I always have questions about intention. If you don't intend for something to be art, is it art? Plus one of the professors calls himself a craftsman. He teaches intro to 3-D design, or an equivalent. So is the amount and the quality of labor involved in craft make it craft vs art? I teach crafting classes, not art classes, is that because I focus on sewing, knitting and egg dying and not drawing? Basically, I had a lot of questions and there really wasn't time to debate with them without completely disrupting the lecture.  I got to see some of the permanent artworks in the library. P.S. a years library card subscription to the UCM library is $20s. How great is that? I already have a research project in mind.