White Christmas

Nothing is better than getting up before everyone, loyal hund at your side, sitting next to the Christmas tree with the morning cup of coffee and stitching.  Wyoming has welcomed us back with howling winds and more snow then we'll see all winter in Missouri. A state that makes you fear for your life so that you know you are truly living.      

Japanese Horned Beetle

Japanese Horned Beetle

I'm finishing up my origami inspired sashiko embroidery. It's an exchange for a box of lovely bento supplies and treats from our friends in Japan. I'm so sorry it's late! I had to rip out almost half of it but my fingers are flying!  


Reading: Desperately squinting at street signs in the dark and snow. 

Listening to: Star Wars theme song! Love, love, love, sitting in a dark theater with my hubby twitching from all the explosions and guns. No spoilers I promise!  

Cooking: The old holiday classics, apple salad, pork and sauerkraut with a fabulous apple cider bourbon cocktail. 



May your holidays be warm and restful!