Holiday Parties

So many holiday parties. Good thing I baked Christmas cookies this year. Last night was the Greater Kansas City Fiber Guilds party. We all brought a fiber related gift and played a silly game where we passed the our gift on "and" or "the"  in "'Twas the Night Before Christmas". Much giggling and anticipation.

I received some glorious hand dyed roving from Cathlin McReynolds. She grows her own indigo and uses it for dying. I asked so many questions because indigo is my next big ambition. I'm gonna learn to grow indigo this year and start down the rabbit hole that is natural dying. All the other fiber artists are doing it.

Find her other work at her Etsy shop

Find her other work at her Etsy shop

There were a couple of ladies with large holiday decorated witches hats. They were so sparkly and loaded with little trinkets and plants that I fell in love. Bea even got to try one on. They took Glenda the good witch hats and just started adding anything seasonal. They are my next inspiration for sculpture and I just so happen to have some armatures in the garage.

More work has been made on the Ammo mural. I'm collaborating with my husband on this one because he knows all the technical stuff and I just want to make things pretty. We wanted to stay away from all the nuclear explosions and B2s in order to showcase the actual equipment that the guys work with. Thank goodness it's not everyday that you set off a live nuclear weapon.

After Ian talked with Major Drossner and showed him a few of my concept sketches he found out that 509 MUNS is one of the few squadrons in the US military that can use the mushroom cloud on their insignia. So mushroom clouds and B2s it will be.

A very rough concept sketch. More mushroom clouds, trailers and RLAs

A very rough concept sketch. More mushroom clouds, trailers and RLAs

More work is being done on my small sashiko origami piece. Part of me wonders if I'm trying too hard to make the threads be straight and uniform and perfect. I keep frustrating myself with how crooked and hand done it looks. Is it my skills or the materials?

Reading: A Wild Swan by Michael Cunningham. I really love the stories but I think the awesome illustrations by Yuko Shimizu make it even more epic. So much texture and movement. So entangled with emotion.

Listening to: Shredder churning as I shred the filed of deceased military members. So many suicides and motorcycle accidents.

Cooking: Roasted sweet veggie awesomeness: Carrots, Acorn Squash, Dates, Parsnip, Cranberries, Onion, Garlic, Rosemary, It almost makes this beautifully pink mash.