This week I've started a mural project with my husband for the 509 Munitions squadron on Whiteman AFB. The squadron works with everything from bullets to nuclear bombs so there's a large span of subject mater that we can work with. Our major challenge is to show all the different equipment they work with besides showing the standard B2 and nuclear explosions. Then my own personal challenge is to design a mural that is current, artistic but is also something that the military can connect with. A tall order.

I'm still in the research phase but I'm feeling sun rays, serious repetition and all the working colors the guys use on the flight line. Maybe steering clear of olive drab. I'm really into hot pink at the moment but that probably wont fly.

My other project this week was starting another origami inspired embroidery. I've wanted to continue with this series for so long but I've been unable to find the right backing fabric. Something with an even weave in a deep indigo.

Finally I just started pulling linens from my stash and went for it. The read fabric is actually koginzashi fabric. The back ground is hand dyed linen. The threads are indigo koginzashi thread, some mystery fuzzy white thread, and gold thread from my grandmother's stash.

Japanese Horned Beetle

Japanese Horned Beetle

I can't quite figure out what to do with the stings at the edges.

Reading: The Textile Reader ed. by Jessica Hemmings - it's just came to the library and I haven't gotten a chance to do more that peruse the pictures.

I heard somewhere that if you do an hour of reading a day in your given profession then you would have a PhD in seven years. Since I'm no where near a masters or doctoral program that I would want to be in I've started myself on reading everything that I can get my hands on written about textiles and art history.

I got asked by the librarian at the base library (free ILLs!) why I was requesting all these academic materials. Not the usual ILL for this library.  So I was explaining my plan and she was like "So you are just doing this for myself". It crushed me a little bit. Yes, I am doing all this research for myself but I also hope that future employers will realize that I might not have the degree but that I've done the reading and that I know a lot about the history of textiles.

Then I got to thinking that I should be proving in some way that I've done the reading. Maybe I should be writing reviews? Researching and submitting papers? I'm just not sure. Now I have to wonder which direction to begin moving in.

Listening to: More America's Next Top Model. I have a problem.

Cooking: Salt roasted beet salad with tahini dressing. I really need to find a reason for the bitterness in all these tahini dressing recipes. Has my tahini gone bad? Surly that kind of bitterness isn't a cultural preference.