Back in the Groove

This week has really been about getting back in the groove of art making. I'm finally not ill! My kiddo is also doing well. Which is a surprise because it seems like we ping pong sickness back and forth to each other.

We finally did a bunch of cleaning and now I have a new studio lay out. The idea is to prep for winter quilt making and some serious study in spinning. But my husband has nagged me....I need to finish up my sculptures from Art Farm. He's always the pragmatic one.


That little table back there in the corner is going to be Bea's new studio. Hopefully it will ease some of her need for my full attention because we can work on art tangentially. Just a little experiment to help ease her separation anxiety. She was really great while I was away but now that I'm back she wants me to be right next to her every moment for fear that I will go away again. Artist mom problems.

She has already decided that she wants to make an evil fairy costume for White Barbie to match her evil fairy costume. Matching clothes is very important to her right now. In a few years I'll teach her about clothes that go together but don't match. An advanced lesson. She's already got mixing prints down. My little 80's punk rocker girl.

If you have a little down time this weekend sign up for my Pysanky Christmas Ornament class at the Warrensburg Community Center from 1-4pm on Sunday. It'll be a treat.

Reading: Gold Fame Citrus by Claire Vaye Watkins. This book is dynamite. I am in love with a little post apocalyptic world story. This one doesn't disappoint. It takes place in California after all the water dries up. I got to the end of the first book and was so broken up with grief for the characters I couldn't continue reading.

Listening to: America's Next Top Model Cycle 2. I can't stop guys I've got to finish the whole series. It helps with the monotonous sculpture repair.

Cooking: Real Whipped Cream from real heavy whipping cream and then piling chocolate chips and banana slices with some shortbread girl scout cookies for scooping. Nothing is as satisfying or as decadent.