November Ikebana

I'm finally back. I have had the worst sickness lately and so have not been doing much besides watching old seasons of ANTM and Disney shorts. My daughter brought it home with her. It's probably the flu. I swear that this year I will get the vaccine!

Yesterday was my second ikebana class at Powell Gardens. It was just as fun at the first. We were arranging spider chrysanthemums and variegated pittosporum. Pittosporum makes a great filler though it can be a little bushy. We had something similar in Japan with fewer leaves and spots.

It's wonderful to see my students make pretty things! After the class I walked around the atrium because they had a changed over the plants for some ornamental mums. Wouldn't it be neat to have a class about how to pair plant color and texture?

Cleaning the studio for next week!

Reading: Slade House by David Mitchell

Listening to: Our raucous laughter as we watch Worst Cooks in American and Bea tells us that she loves Bobby Flay.

Cooking: Learned how to make beignet from a box today. On a mission to learn the recipe from scratch. Also learned how to hand pull Chinese noodles. Lead to a batch of Ian's lovely home made linguine.