The Big Idea

Many things got started, thought about and decided today.

This morning was so cold that I sat in my studio in my rabbit fur coat a blanket on my lap watching a documentary about Iris Apfel. She is my favorite style icon and she's 90! I've been channeling her and the dames from Grey Gardens running around in my rabbit coat and mixing all my patterns to stay warm. We have since figured out how to work the wood stove. Feeling in my toes tonight!

I managed to get one of my Jawbones suspended and started weaving a topper for it. I started talking with a resident poet about installation and I realized that sometimes I really just like piling all the materials for a thought up sculpture together. That sometimes the artfully arranged materials are better than the actual sculpture. In these photos the work in progress almost seems more interesting than maybe the actually Jawbone installation would be. He thinks that I should try and document the artfully arranged materials. It would be so much fun to try.



Lots of ikebana happened today. found the most amazing grass and arranged in but wasn't able to get a photo before the sun went down. I also made a blue arrangement in the blue bedroom in a blue wabi sabi coil bowl that was left behind. Much fun. The arrangement on the wood stove was my first arrangement at Art Farm and I tried to start myself off easy and went with a more traditional style and vase. I've got people on the look out for awesome things that hold water for me to arrange stuff in.

Juniper in a blue wabi sabi coil pot

Rising form with prairie grass and flowers

And then there was karaoke.