The Walk About

Today was spent exploring the farm and it's buildings to see all the lovely resources. The Art Farm is a hoarders paradise. There are so many different materials stashed away in all the little buildings. I spent most of today combing though buildings and asking people if they had seen an iron. I left mine at home because I put it away in the closet and forgot about it. Still haven't found an iron but I met a lot of new people and found a crazy cool hat that I'm going to use as inspiration for a sculpture. I also found a rabbit fur coat that I've been wearing around because I didn't pack the right kind of clothes for living without heated buildings.

Awesome things found:

  • Giant stacks of vintage National Geographics
  • Old school projector that actually works
  • Vintage sewing machines
  • thin wooden strips that I might want to make into sculpure
  • These crazy wheel spoke thingies
  • Deer
  • Old farm machinery

Now it feels like there is just way too much work to do and so little time.