It's so cold...

It froze last night. We knew it was going to freeze so I slept in bed with my jar of Paverpol, like I probably will tonight. If Paverpol, the fabric hardener that I've been working with, freezes then it is ruined on top of being super expensive. It's just so amazing to work with. After breakfast I had forgotten that I'd left my jar up in bed. It was still body temperature when I found it under the covers. I gave it a little cuddle because my hands were just so achingly cold this morning. Central heating combined with insulation is a blessing.

Star chandelier!

There's a lot of refining still and the stitches are ripping out of the foam as it hangs but it'll all come together.

I also cut out the spines for my big project today. I thought they would stand up on their own but looks like they are so big that I will be stuffing them. It's gonna be interesting because one of them is longer than my arm.

Pretty picture: