Much Business in Kansas City

This Saturday started out as a trip to Overland Park, KS to drop off my sewing machine for repairs. You are supposed to get maintenance once a year like cars or yourself which I have been putting off being in Japan. What this trip turned into however was getting lost and having a big art filled adventure. Cannot I say how much I love my husband when he turned to me and said, "I'd like to come back here for First Friday.".

To begin this story I must tell you we don't have smart phones yet, but we do have a ten year old Garmin which we call "Gertie". She is really great at getting us lost or taking us on the most inane back roads.

Right out of the gate, literally the base gate, Gerty couldn't find the address for Sew Easy Sewing Center. Ian improvised and made a quick decision to stop at Hunter Heirloom Quilting on the way out of Warrensburg. I got to walk around and drool over long arm quilting machines, fabric and doo-dadds. I found a solid in the hot lime/yellow color that I want to use in my next wall hanging. I was inspired by a failed trip out to Lake Towadako for some fireworks. The lake and sky were this beautiful midnight blue, the mountains and a solitary island in the center were black. The lime green would represent the lights on the other side of the lake. It was so hard to resist buying it but I don't want to be distracted from my fiber sculptures. Later my friend later.

Lake Towadako at Night

Through some quirk Gerty actually recognized the name of the sewing center and not the address so we actually made it. This store was amazing. They specialized in Singers, Brothers, Necchis, and another brand I didn't recognize. Half of the store was like a sewing machine museum but they were for sale. All of these antique or vintage singers. Treadles, antique sewing cabinets, you name it. They even sell treadle cords so I can finally get my Rhythm up and running again. Ginger chewed through the original leather cord.

The manager tried to persuade me into buying an embroidery machine for 15 thousand (free programmable software package!). If only I had that kind of money to throw around. But it was nice to lovingly stroke the newest Brother embroidery machines and listen to their promotional videos.

After dropping off my sewing machine we crossed the street for Indian buffet. So delicious! Why don't they have an Indian restaurant anywhere near Knob Noster? Must improve my cooking skills. All my Indian food just comes out bland and I actually follow the recipes. I can't figure it out.

After that we typed the name for the City Market into Gerty and twice she got us lost. Once in Kansas near Overland park. We ended up pulling over in the parking lot of a Pets-mart and taking Bea in to see the animals. We needed dog food anyway, right? I love how excited she gets over animals. That's my girl.


Gerty then lead us to the suburb of Parkville. It was so cute and artsy we had to stop. Even though we couldn't quite find the farmers market. We got the car stopped on Main St. and realized that Bea had peed through her pants upon taking her out of the car. I rush her into the nearest store Northland Exposure Artists Gallery, which happened to be a gallery, and changed her. We had a lovely conversation with the artists that were working that day and started ourselves out on this grand tour of the art galleries in Parkville.

The downtown was so cute and historic Ian and I fell in love. Ian wants to move to a town like this after his military career ends and I can't blame him. He's so enamored that he had to snap this photos of this little park like area in the middle of down town. I guess Park University (just up the hill) has a fiber program so maybe Parkville will be in our future.

After that we hit up the Buffalo River Gallery, where we found a German pickle ornament and a fabulous vintage leather purse I sorely wanted. It looks like a great place where I could rent some wall space. Then we stopped at  Parkville Coffee for some much needed refreshments. The happened to have a cute little artists space up on the top floor with paintings from local artists (college students?). The decor was really cute. I recognized a lamp and chair similar to the ones I used to own when I lived in Cheyenne. I love the idea of having art at a local coffee shop.

After this we were tired and wanted to start the long journey home. We never did make it to the City Market but I think next time we will come better prepared. Gerty sometimes doesn't get us where we wanted to go but she sure drops us off in wonderful little locations worth exploring.