Wheels Keep on Spinning

Wednesday night I made my first solo journey up to Kansas City for the Fiber Guild of Greater Kansas City monthly meeting. This is significant for a couple of reasons. The first being that I'm an very skittish at highway driving. There starts to be more that two lanes and the anxiety about doing the wrong thing brings on tears, shaking etc. No one wants that to happen. Despite what my family will tell you, I have a very clean driving record. I only tend to back into stationary unmanned vehicles, oh and port-a-potties. You'd think I'd be more confident about my driving but I let the husband do all the highway and city driving. Leaving me to grab the car door handle and criticize. He used to live in Atlanta. Enough said.

The second reason is that my two year old, Beatrice, was coming with me. I have never done a solo car trip with her for that long. I'm terrified that she'll drop something and then cry ceaselessly for the whole ride and I wont be able to turn around and do anything about it. Crying baby is really not easy during highway driving. But despite my expectations she probably went to sleep and I didn't hear much from her past Warrensburg.

After getting lost a few times, thanks Gertie, I found the church where the meeting was taking place. We followed all the ladies toting boxes because this month's meeting was "Swap and Shop". For which I was woefully unprepared for with only $5 in my pocket and nothing to trade. Well except for Bea but that wouldn't have worked very well.

Bea was trying my patience a little during the business portion of the meeting because she doesn't understand whispering, was really unhappy there was no wifi for the kindle despite wifi less apps, and she didn't care enough to color with her new Cars coloring book. Eventually a liberal supply of juice and snacks solved much of my worries however temporarily.

What I did gather were a bunch of events that are taking place in Kansas. Because the meeting is technically in Kansas I'm wondering if they tend to do more with people that way. I've already heard of a fiber fest in Jeffery City so there is potential. Also the show and tell potion was lot of fun. I had forgotten my Kogenzashi table runner on the banister but I'll be back next month for the spinning workshop.

After this we were able to go around the room and shop to our hearts content. There was a free pile of threads where I snagged two spindles of this bright vermillion red that I'm so in love with right now. More sashiko wall hangings!

We made our way to the front of the room where one of the board members had two large bags of dress linings, satins, polys, silks in bags. She had dared us to take them and make something cool out of them. This was my kind of challenge. Bea got busy rolling around in the piles and pretending to be a princess. I let the other ladies take what they wanted and then carted away the rest. There are so many pretty colors. I have a feeling I'll be making many flowers for my project with Mariah Rose Wimmer.

Bea was completely enchanted by the antique spinning wheel next to the fabric after I reminded her they were like the spindles in Sleeping Beauty. I started talking to the owner when she nearly broke it. It had a $75 obo tag on it, talk about panic. Susan started telling me all the reasons I wouldn't want the wheel because of the places where it was broken and that it wasn't a good beginners wheel because it pulled and was fast. Did I tell you that I have textile hubris? That I was thinking to myself that surely "I" could learn to spin on this wheel. So I started asking about coming for lessons since she lived so close to the church and has like 10 spinning wheels and 5 looms at her house. A serious textile maven. She asked me how much I had on me and before I knew it I had paid $5 for not one but two antique spindles. The second one was in pieces in a box next to the first. In case I needed pieces from the second to fix the first. Susan's excuse was that her husband didn't want to cart it back into the house. When I told Ian this he firmly agreed the less hauling for the wife the better.

Pardon if it isn't put together correctly in the photo. It fell apart in the trunk of my car and I am so uneducated in the ways of spinning as to not know how they are supposed to look. So now I am the proud owner of a couple of spinning wheels that my husband is eager to fix. I keep acquiring projects for him. Next month, after some serious reading, I'm going back to the guild meeting to learn how to spin on a drop spindle and hopefully a spinning wheel. So the goal for all this is to spin some lovely wool dyed by my friend Allison LaValley and knit my own socks. Then eventually lone a loom from the guild and learn to weave my yarn/string into tapestries. Just because I like the way it sounded when Cogsworth said "tapestries" in Sleeping Beauty.