Journey Stories: Life Rings Public Art Project

Some current show news. It's my first since being back in the states. It's great to get right back into shows and making artwork after my three year-ish influence gathering sabbatical in Japan.

The last strip added to my life ring.

This one happened quite by accident. (hehehe - you'll see the pun a little later) My mother in law, Georgia Rowswell, started creating life rings out of her deceased mother's clothes. During the brainstorming phase of this new endeavor, my daughter and I were run over by psychotic antisemitic while we were staying with them in Cheyenne. I gave Georgia all the clothes that the paramedics cut off me and my hospital gown. She saved them so that I could make my life ring when we moved back from Japan. I was able to go to a demo for the life ring workshop that they held in conjunction with the show. My experiences are chronicled here.

Friday night was the show opening at the Cheyenne public library. This library is phenomenal. It's one of the best libraries in the country. I've been spoiled and now all libraries pale in comparison. They do a really great job with revolving exhibitions that are usually community based to some degree.

Georgia hamming it up.


I wish I could get back there to see the show. But in the mean time I have a few photos they took on opening night.

My family standing in front of my life ring. It's the black one with the furry red stuff.