Festival Inspiration

I'm pretty sure that every festival in Tohoku happened this weekend. Or at least it felt like it.

Saturday we went out to Cape Shiriya to see the light house and the wild horses. We didn't get to see any of the free roaming horses. They must have been back up in the woods where it's cooler. But we did get to have some fun on beaches and I got some really interesting pictures of ocean and beach stuff.

Get ready to be inspired by these colors and textures:

Then on Sunday we went to the Nebuta festival in Aomori. It's the largest Nebuta festival in Japan. I've been dancing around the house hearing the drums and "Rasse Rasse Ra" in my head. Every time I see these floats I want to drop everything and make some. Or at least incorporate lights and armatures into my work. My hubby was manning the camera this time and he surprised me by getting a bunch of inspirational detail shots.

I'm working on this idea of a endemic color study of northern Japan. I took this online class about color and one of the professors mentioned someone that had done studies into why some colors are more prevalent in cultures than others. Her example was turquoise in Cuba. I've noticed that there are certain colors in and around Misawa that are just iconic Japan and now I want to go collect them all. I have a list already started in my head. Business and far too much summer sunlight have thwarted my efforts. But some day!

Or I should just find the time to go through all the photos I have already.