Doll Tattoos

My latest commission is an embroidered tattoo for an American Doll. I am so excited to be working on it that I've bruised my fingers repeatedly and have had to put it down for a couple of days. It's difficult to get the needle through the seams of the doll body. The first tattoo that I did for this client was the octopus and now she wants me to add a lion fish and some coral.

I had a girls craft day at my house. Instead of hanging out inside in my tiny apartment, I badgered them all to go to the park and stitch in the shade. It killed two birds with one stone because my daughter could get some much needed play time in and I could gossip, get some work done, and enjoy a nice breeze. It was such a lovely way to spend an afternoon that I'll have to do it again.

Doll tattoo1.jpg

I always have an open mouth when I stitch. Which means I'm always drinking. It's so sad that drinking anything but water while you stitch is a little taboo, especially coffee. There can be pigment transfer on your fingers or the thread when you lick the end to thread the needle. Probably the reason I've never done white work. Another slightly bad habit that I have yet to find a remedy for.

Doll tattoo3.jpg

Making tiny stitches is the part where I bruise the tips of my fingers the most. I promise more pictures when I get all the tattoos done!