Doll Aquatica Completed!

I finally finished the doll tattoo! I nearly destroyed my right hand. I've got more compression gloves in the mail to prevent my thumb from giving out next time. I'm super proud of this piece and I hope the owner loves it.

The fan coral is a bastardized feather stitch. The green blob thingy is my interpretation of a coral picture I saw online. It has french knots along the edges of it's "petals". A row of french knots is not the easiest thing to execute without having an underside to your project.


I embroidered the octopus last year. Finally, I have a nice camera to take some good pictures of it!

Should I do more dolls in the future? I had a show with about ten of them back in Cheyenne. The dolls were pretty used and not of the best quality. Maybe I should make my own or go for American Girl dolls next time. The quality of the fabric body is so much better on a more expensive doll. If I'm gonna put so much time into the stitching the back ground might as well be high quality.