Settling In

We've finally made our way to Missouri and have begun the process of settling into our new house. Our house is so big! It's all white walls and echoes. Once our house hold goods get to us from overseas it'll feel more like home. Though after living in Japan for three years in an apartment that could fit on our first floor we wont be able to fill the house to the rafters. But it would be lovely to have some art on the walls.

Ian and I have actually decided that the master bedroom (with it's walk in closet!) will be our studio/office space. You can see all my projects and start up materials spread out on the floor. That's probably not going to last long.

Since I've been trapped in a large empty house with my toddler most days I've started some fun DIY furniture projects. In Japan we had a serious lack of end tables and coffee tables because of space and selection. I just didn't get much thrifting done with Bea when she was young because Japanese recycle shops are often very crowded with narrow aisles. So one of our first purchases here has been a wicker laundry basket that I will repaint and turn into a end table. The sanding process of the top paper design has been very slow going but I think it will be worth it!

I also bought a proper end table from a guy off Facebook. It is woefully cheap. Probably pressed wood with a laminate top and too slick for painting so I decided to put contact paper over the faux wood grain nicotine nightmare. You can still see the brown rubber bumper around the edge. Then I painted the legs a raspberry red color that happened to be in a batch of free paint.

The brushed steel contact paper was very difficult to put on. I was so giddy about finally getting the contact paper in the mail that I sat down and started putting a sheet on during my daughter's nap. It was so heart breaking how easy it scratches, the slightest bend with mark it, and any sort of fiber under the paper will show a giant horrible bubble. This was no one man job. I ended up tearing it all off and waiting for my husband to come home. With his help, putting the contact paper on went a lot smoother. I didn't expect how mirror like the surface would be but I think it will be really cool next to our sofa.

My next project is to dye this hideous comfy chair that we had donated to us. It's 70's floral burlap but it swivels and has an ottoman. After two weeks of curling up in the stairwell to read or sitting on metal folding chairs how could I say no? My idea is to dye it an indigo blue. You could still see the floral pattern but it'll retain it's comfort because painting upholstery can make it stiff. Then maybe going back in and painting some of the flower details in with white or maybe a bright yellow green. We'll see how all of this goes. I think the world will thank me for rehabilitating another piece of 70's furniture, or maybe just the local Airman's Attic. Since this seems to be a boomerang chair.

The good news is that we will have all of our things here in Missouri before Christmas. I'll even get to put up the tree and stockings this year. There are many days of unpacking to come.

In the meantime, Bea and I have been coloring up a storm. Ian has made her a bus out of one of our large cardboard boxes. She likes to curl up inside and color every page of her giant Disney coloring book. Or she wants me to sit down and color with her at the dining room table. The movie du jour is Wreck It Ralph and it's amazing to watch her return over and over to color those characters in her coloring book. I love seeing how our coloring styles mesh to create fun pictures. This is one of my favorites from her Pretty Cure coloring book we brought from Japan.