A New Year for New Ideas

It's New Years Eve and what a better way to ring in the new year than to start planning my next round of fiber sculptures. I'm working on a collaborative show with the super talented painter Maria Rose Wimmer. We are going to blend painting and fiber sculpture around ikebana, flowers, and our growing friendship. She has been a major inspiration for me to throw myself full throttle back into art despite all my many manufactured distractions.

Right now I'm feeling super inspired by Hiroki Ohara's exhibition Flowers and Space from 2012. I bought the exhibition book while I was in Japan and it started my artist crush on Ohara-san and all his beautiful installations. I'm the most giddy fan girl over everything he does. Seriously, whenever he is mentioned I imagine myself dressed as a short skirted Japanese school girl jumping up and down squealing in delight, possibly swooning when he comes too near. Hero worship at it's extreme. Someday I hope to make giant installations with fabric or flowers just like him.  Maybe not "just like" but definitely a contemporary. It's my artists dream to sit down and pick his brain about flowers, space and design.

A little back ground story on Ohara-san. He is the head master of the Ohara school of Ikebana (the school that I'm trained as a sensei in). He started arranging flowers as the head master at the age of six and he's in his mid twenties. He has been living and breathing design and flowers his whole life. Can you imagine anything more wonderful? Though the expectation must have been dreadful.

Earlier today, I started fretting to my husband that I needed to go out and buy supplies to begin working with. He reminded me that I'm in the dreaming phase and that I should put off the construction details until I knew what I wanted to make. Putting the cart before the horse. So I've been flipping through Ohara-san's exhibition catalog and staring off into space while my dog is warming my feet. I wanted to share my sketches because sometimes it's important to see where the art comes from. Just keep in mind that my sketches are terrible and often half the idea is written down in words. Rarely do I even follow my sketches except in the very beginning as a jumping off point. But they are work darn it!

So Happy New Years to you! I wish you good luck and much creativity in 2015!