Kogin-zashi Table Runner

Seems we survived Christmas and our first visitors to our new house. My sanity is still intact and projects that have gotten started or finished.

I finally finished up the pair of socks that I brought with me on our move and vacation back to the states. The pattern I chose had this butterfly type design to it. I finished the first sock to find that I couldn't fit the sock over my heel. There didn't seem to be enough stretch to the pattern. After a few choice words I started a new pattern. One that I liked better because it is lace. Surprise. Surprise.

Here are the lovely new pair of socks. The yarn is dyed using bugs but the tag neglected to say what kinds. That's half the fun of choosing the yarn right? Unfortunately I've lost the tag to the yarn somewhere so I don't have a dyer name. The pattern is on Ravelry from Suzi Anvin and is called Blackrose Socks. I'm really digging a lot of her sock designs. Lace!

The next big project is my kogin-zashi table runner. I've really bit off more than I can chew with this one. Mostly it's just that I'm picky and I don't just want to pick patterns out of my books and put them down in blocks. So now I have to figure out color changes and pattern changes without someone to tell me I'm doing it all wrong. Which is the frustrating part because I want to do this correctly.

I've made this project hard for myself in three ways. The first being that I want an asymmetrical pattern between the two borders. The second is I want a flower type pattern that changes from pink to grey. But where it really gets challenging is that the only flowerish type pattern that I like isn't even in the pattern book. It's on a small picture on the back of the cover. I have to squint at this tiny picture and try and re-imagine the whole thing. My neck and shoulders are aching. Did I tell you I am a masochist?

That hexagon inside the red circle? That is the flower design that I want to replicate. I tried doing it free hand on the fabric but ended up pulling out so many stitches that I decided to plot it out on paper.

The first step is creating smaller graph paper by dividing all the squares into quarters.


Plotting out the stitches with purple marker. Lucky for me, the stitch lengths are all in odd numbers, 1, 3 and 5. Much concentration and cappuccino (made by my handsome and talented husband).

Finished pattern after two hours. This is only the pattern for the pink. I've still got to figure something out for the grey leaves that will surround the design.

This is as much stitching as the brain and child would allow today. Already the work is going a lot faster and smoother.

I completed the borders while on vacation. They are plotted out on graphs in one of my pattern books so they didn't require much thought to put on fabric. When this is finished, it will be edged with biased tape and backed with fabric so you won't be able to see messy strings.

More stitching to come!